Enemies of Iron

Memoirs of friends lost

I still wonder what became of Dorn, Kaltrana and the watcher. When I travelled back to see if the demons had captured them for torture or food, nothing remained. I saw dorn collapse, I heard the watcher scream in pain, and I was unable to protect Kaltrana. But I am almost certain the blow that brought Kaltrana low wasn’t fatal.

Knowing first hand what the spear wielding demon is capable of, I have m doubts dorn could have survived, but maybe…

None the less NOTHING remained. When I went to confront this demon in his lair, he also had no answers for me. no shreds of flesh, armor, clothing. nothing. This is surprising because I found plenty of other bits around, mostly traldar and some hutaaken.

These Demons are messy things. theydo not tidily pick up their droppings or utterly consume their victims. I even doubt they need to eat at all. they are just as likely to throw the body aside once the victim dies.

Too bad the demon didnt procure more info for me. Despite the awesome savagry of his blows, he fell to my magical might. He shall forever more remain a footnote in my journal and be nothing more.

This succubus may know what became of them. I will have to track her down and extract the answers I desire from her.


Gilgamesh achilles

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