Enemies of Iron

Lords of Treachery

They came like a terrible plague upon the land, the heroes of the Mutts, the dark warriors from beyond. The three Lords of Treachery came to the village surrounded by their water bearers, pack carriers, and henchmen: the fearsome and barbaric Thaddeus a bestial Minotaur; the sly and sneaky Dome, Mad Mulligan riding upon his devilish steed Lupo Diabolicus; and the planar outcast Abbadon his blood twisted by his demonic and angelic heritage. Each one exuded an aura of violence and arrogance that made noble men cringe at the mere sight of them.

The noble Guri-ben-Kaal, chief and lord of all Traldar, greeted them as regal host. The Dark Lords accepted our noble chief’s offer and sat down and supped with us, accepting the bond of the campfire and the meal-share, however, for these vile warriors such ancient customs meant nothing.

These warriors of false promises pledged much. Abbadon claimed they would free the valley from the undead monsters that roamed the eastern valley, they made oaths of victory over the demons that had come only a few years prior, and of most import they swore to cleanse the valley of the abominable Mutt men. Even then there were signs of their future treachery, Thaddeus’ eyes running covetously over all us women and even Cylla, Guri-ben-Kaal’s woman. At first the whole of the tribe rejoiced as the dark warriors triumphed over the undead and demons. These powerful warriors stormed the temple of the Mutts and rid the temple of the great evil that caused the dead to rise and with flashing spells and whirling blades slew the demons. Even the foul raping of Cylla by one of warriors human henchmen was not spoken of, for they had done so much that we thought good. We dreamed of a life without the Mutts and our people’s final freedom.

However, soon we were to suffer the darkest treachery. With the assurance of Mad Mulligan, Guri-ben-Kaal organized the warriors of the tribe to avenge the Mutt’s abduction of the beautiful Cylla. The Dome promised the chief that no matter how it seemed at the final moment he and his allies would join us and fight the Mutts. Mulligan spoke of a web of deception and lies that he would weave with Abbadon to make the Mutts beleive they had their support.

Guri-ben-Kaal was slain across the battlefield by the foul magic of Pflaar before he had a chance to engage the enemy. With a great and mighty roar our brave warriors and voices charged Bytaxta’s walls that protected the old enemy. As battle was engaged the mighty roar of Thaddeus was heard as he swept through our warriors with his magical hammer. Mulligan and a hideous green creature named Sepheroth ravaged our warriors as the Mutts swept down upon the truest fruit of our people. By day’s end our warriors were dead, none survived.

And now we must survive, remember what happened, and seek our vengeance if not in this life then the next.

-Words of anguish from Kaalja, soothsayer of the Traldar of the Hutaakan Valley


Gilgamesh Gilgamesh

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