Enemies of Iron

A Letter in Praise of Noble Heroes

My Lord Baron Kelvin, I, your freeman Pytor of Sukiskyn hail you and proclaim the following:

Terrible war has ravaged Sukiskyn and the nearby settlements. Out of the Dymark forest foul goblinoids struck burning and raising many settlements in a matter of days. At the current time Sukiskyn has become a gathering point for those who have found themselves suddenly without roof or sustenance. I implore you for any help you can spare to help rebuild the homesteads that have been destroyed.

I must also tell you of the bravery of a number of adventurers who stood by us in defense of our homes: the assling Abbadon, the tiefling Sepheroth, the minotaurs Thaddeus and Mithras, and a dome by the name of Mad Mulligan. Not only did these brave souls stand by us in direct defense of Sukiskyn, but they swept the Dymark slaying goblinoids by the dozen and rendering the area safe for honest freeman to work. Alas, brave Mithras was slain in this noble effort. Not resting they sought out my brother Stephen who had been captured by the enemy and sought out and slew operatives of the Iron Ring who had enslaved many of the residents of these parts. They are forever friends of those who dwell in your eastern lands, I hope if they ever cross your path you will show them the honor and respect that they have earned from the steadings of the Dymark.

Your loyal freeman – Pytor of Sukiskyn


Gilgamesh Gilgamesh

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