Enemies of Iron

A fortuitous turn of events!

Gnoll swatting

I never thought I would be happy to see the aspect of a so called ‘Demon Lord’!

Although I have little memory of my past, or what a Demon is, Sephiroth tells me I am, or was a ‘Devil-Angel’ Hybrid. He says with some humor I am some mad wizards project gone wrong, or perhaps the result of some coupling b/t a Pleasure Devil and a powerful Solar.

I loath this Demon lord Yenoghu’s presense. He is anathema to me. maybe I even met him before! I can feel the chaos within him, and I can the wrongness about him. My body twitches with barely controlled rage to seek him out and smite him with my bare hands, even tho I know surely he would best me in physical combat!

None the less I am pleased he is here. After all, he has done me such a favor with his reckless stupidity! Not only did he rally the Gnolls under his banner, He brought them forth from outside the mountains to wage war upon man! I regret the loss of human life, or rather the loss of civilization… but the loss is small compared to the bounty it brings!

So long as Yenoghu remains on the prime plane, he will be a rallying point for chaos… and that chaos shall be brought low!

he will rampage about the countryside, and bring his minions in tow. I will see to it the war is drawn out enough to see the gnolls exterminated from these lands… perhaps I will be even be lucky enough to break their breed altogehther and prevent them from procreating in sufficient numbers to remain a viable race altogether!!

We started our initial campaign against them last night, we reasonable success. due to my awesome strategy, we suffered almost no losses against a force 50 times our size. Surely this Baron of Kelvin will see to it to send me more troops… Perhaps they will come to give me a command for a time, and accept my claim and rule of the lost valley of the hutaaka….

The ectasy I feel every time I squish these vermin is palpable… I know Ilsundal teaches that even the slaughter of evil is wrong… but if he thought I was not suited for this task he would not have sent me the visions he did to save the lives of the Elves in Riffilian… Clearly he thinks some slaughter is quite acceptable…


Gilgamesh achilles

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