Enemies of Iron

and the ministry of winds

meet ahiktos

get quest

find hideout kill xill

find vanessa

save the day.

Travel to Selencia
and time inbetween

Nearly a year passed. The Enemies of Iron, Heroes of Karameikos, scourge of Gnolls hoard lead by none other than Yeenoghu, a demon lord of the Abyss ended the threat against Kelvin. Abaddon and Mulligan were made nobles, while Sephiroth and Thaddeus because of their beastly nature were rewarded with gold. They agreed to meet in 1 years time with their friend Ahiktos in Selencia.

Sephiroth, reveling in his new orcish, mortal body, finally took the time to enjoy himself. After a brief stint of shopping, set about to enjoying himself with reckless abandon.

Thaddeus however was coming to grips with his new Elven Form. brought low in the battle with Yeenoghu, the Minotaur was too large to be rescued by the Heroes. Abaddon had the best he could to rescue him, but was unable to drag him to safety. He was later eaten by the Gnoll hoard before they were routed. Using an ancient elven ritual recently learned from the druidess xxx, Abaddon reincarnated him as an elf, and converted him to the worship of Ilsundal. He went on to travel the lands of Karameikos seeking powerful spell casters spend all of his worldly wealth on fine shining armor, and magical baubles. When his money ran out, he traveled north to meet up with his companions in Selencia.

Mulligan, purchased any readily available magical bauble and armors he could find, then spent the rest of his time running wildly through the plains on his wolf, ‘Snaggle Tooth’.

Perhaps in a supreme gesture of goodwill against his diabolical nature, or a burning desire to unconsciously rebuild an empire he once possessed, Abaddon set about building his own kingdom in the valley of the hutaaka on behalf of the elves of Rifillian who’d been displaced by the Gnoll Hoard. Using his magic, he built a modest stone fortress, rebuilt the bridge to the valley, made the roads passable to the south. He then grew the copses of woods in the valley into a verdant forest.

Abaddon also built a small stone keep in Sukiskin, fortified its walls, and built a series of way stations from the remote settlement to Kelvin in honor of his former companion Stephan.

In the end, it was high time he join his companions in Selencia under the house of Ahiktos.

The Start of Empire
The valley of the Hutaaka no more.

I have seen many places suitable for my new home since my “rebirth”.

The petrified forest… Ideally located near a river pouring into the ocean, and along a major trade road on the boarder of karameikos. The ample supply of stone would give me an endless supply of raw materials from which to build a fortress of massive proportions. the stone trees are hidden in a vast forest. It is even close to my first friends on this world…

The Night realm… Located in an alternate plane of existance! accessible only at night through stone rings. 4 towers of glowing white glass, surrounded by endless seas, and under a cloudy night sky. secluded indeed! I have not managed to repair the magic leading to this realm… it provides keyless entry to the realm, but exit may be keyed… sort of like a prison. Time flows twice as fast there however. This is not ideal. as I suspect I am ageless however… this seems of little consequence. It is also located near to the remains of the elven settlement rifillian. Expansion could be limited, short of me importing large amounts of building materials to it.

The Lost valley of the Hutaaka… A large valley hidden in the mountains past the fire foam river, accessible only by magical key and grounds enough to hold a major metropolis, farmlands and wooded areas for timber to boot! Stone abounds in this region, and the indiginous peoples are broken, and dying out. Nobody knows of its location, aside from my travelling companions!

This… This is the site of my new stronghold. I will move the displaced elven people of Rifillian here. I will rebuild their wooded groves using my magic, I will fabricate soaring stone edifaces to protect them. I will teach them, give them knowledge, and shape them to my needs!

Memoirs of friends lost

I still wonder what became of Dorn, Kaltrana and the watcher. When I travelled back to see if the demons had captured them for torture or food, nothing remained. I saw dorn collapse, I heard the watcher scream in pain, and I was unable to protect Kaltrana. But I am almost certain the blow that brought Kaltrana low wasn’t fatal.

Knowing first hand what the spear wielding demon is capable of, I have m doubts dorn could have survived, but maybe…

None the less NOTHING remained. When I went to confront this demon in his lair, he also had no answers for me. no shreds of flesh, armor, clothing. nothing. This is surprising because I found plenty of other bits around, mostly traldar and some hutaaken.

These Demons are messy things. theydo not tidily pick up their droppings or utterly consume their victims. I even doubt they need to eat at all. they are just as likely to throw the body aside once the victim dies.

Too bad the demon didnt procure more info for me. Despite the awesome savagry of his blows, he fell to my magical might. He shall forever more remain a footnote in my journal and be nothing more.

This succubus may know what became of them. I will have to track her down and extract the answers I desire from her.

A fortuitous turn of events!
Gnoll swatting

I never thought I would be happy to see the aspect of a so called ‘Demon Lord’!

Although I have little memory of my past, or what a Demon is, Sephiroth tells me I am, or was a ‘Devil-Angel’ Hybrid. He says with some humor I am some mad wizards project gone wrong, or perhaps the result of some coupling b/t a Pleasure Devil and a powerful Solar.

I loath this Demon lord Yenoghu’s presense. He is anathema to me. maybe I even met him before! I can feel the chaos within him, and I can the wrongness about him. My body twitches with barely controlled rage to seek him out and smite him with my bare hands, even tho I know surely he would best me in physical combat!

None the less I am pleased he is here. After all, he has done me such a favor with his reckless stupidity! Not only did he rally the Gnolls under his banner, He brought them forth from outside the mountains to wage war upon man! I regret the loss of human life, or rather the loss of civilization… but the loss is small compared to the bounty it brings!

So long as Yenoghu remains on the prime plane, he will be a rallying point for chaos… and that chaos shall be brought low!

he will rampage about the countryside, and bring his minions in tow. I will see to it the war is drawn out enough to see the gnolls exterminated from these lands… perhaps I will be even be lucky enough to break their breed altogehther and prevent them from procreating in sufficient numbers to remain a viable race altogether!!

We started our initial campaign against them last night, we reasonable success. due to my awesome strategy, we suffered almost no losses against a force 50 times our size. Surely this Baron of Kelvin will see to it to send me more troops… Perhaps they will come to give me a command for a time, and accept my claim and rule of the lost valley of the hutaaka….

The ectasy I feel every time I squish these vermin is palpable… I know Ilsundal teaches that even the slaughter of evil is wrong… but if he thought I was not suited for this task he would not have sent me the visions he did to save the lives of the Elves in Riffilian… Clearly he thinks some slaughter is quite acceptable…

Last call...

My excitement was a force manifesting itself within me, it was powerful, I could barely contain it. It could also have been agonizing fear, it was difficult to tell. In Cyncidea it had been the same.

A massive powerful demon stood before us, it seemed angry at Abbadon. His minions, two smaller and twisted demons glared at us with hate filled red coal eyes. My mind picked up the stray thoughts of conversation. The demon must be speaking with Abbadon using telepathy!

I was unaware of where the demons had come from. We had just emerged from the decaying Vault of the Elders at the far west end of the Lost Valley. I had still been blinking from the harsh glare of the red sun, when I had begun to make out the silhouette of the demons now before my now clear eyes.

I believe we will be alright. We had already bested four of the smaller demons only hours prior. I had seen the might of my companions in action. The mighty Thaddeus who could slay undead with a simple burst of his spirit energy, the swift Muligan, a dome who moved about the battlefield on his wolf Lupo swifter than any sandstorm and who could withstand the mighty assault of two griffons for an unreasonable length of time. The weaker links of this band had already perished, Sepheroth cut to ribbons before my eyes, his tiefling smile starched far too wide by the talon that ripped through his mouth. Halnock of Ixion had perished in my rescue, for which I am most grateful, but being good gets you killed, that’s the lesson my father always taught me and that lesson was being ingrained upon me here and now in these very trying days.

Abbadon seemed to be conversing with the goat headed demon. By the Immortals that spear looks big, curse the luck, that Thaddeus was not here. He could have poked that poxy demon right back. I wonder what Abbadon has to say to it. Perhaps its an ancestor of his, Abbadon looks like he is a mongrel of the planes that’s for certain.

Curses, they attack, the twisted man sized ones are rushing forward. The big one is twirling his spear…Ugh, that feels bad…..

—Last thought’s of Dorn before collapsing from pain, trauma, and blood loss…transferred by telepathic communication to his rapidly diminishing companions…

Lords of Treachery

They came like a terrible plague upon the land, the heroes of the Mutts, the dark warriors from beyond. The three Lords of Treachery came to the village surrounded by their water bearers, pack carriers, and henchmen: the fearsome and barbaric Thaddeus a bestial Minotaur; the sly and sneaky Dome, Mad Mulligan riding upon his devilish steed Lupo Diabolicus; and the planar outcast Abbadon his blood twisted by his demonic and angelic heritage. Each one exuded an aura of violence and arrogance that made noble men cringe at the mere sight of them.

The noble Guri-ben-Kaal, chief and lord of all Traldar, greeted them as regal host. The Dark Lords accepted our noble chief’s offer and sat down and supped with us, accepting the bond of the campfire and the meal-share, however, for these vile warriors such ancient customs meant nothing.

These warriors of false promises pledged much. Abbadon claimed they would free the valley from the undead monsters that roamed the eastern valley, they made oaths of victory over the demons that had come only a few years prior, and of most import they swore to cleanse the valley of the abominable Mutt men. Even then there were signs of their future treachery, Thaddeus’ eyes running covetously over all us women and even Cylla, Guri-ben-Kaal’s woman. At first the whole of the tribe rejoiced as the dark warriors triumphed over the undead and demons. These powerful warriors stormed the temple of the Mutts and rid the temple of the great evil that caused the dead to rise and with flashing spells and whirling blades slew the demons. Even the foul raping of Cylla by one of warriors human henchmen was not spoken of, for they had done so much that we thought good. We dreamed of a life without the Mutts and our people’s final freedom.

However, soon we were to suffer the darkest treachery. With the assurance of Mad Mulligan, Guri-ben-Kaal organized the warriors of the tribe to avenge the Mutt’s abduction of the beautiful Cylla. The Dome promised the chief that no matter how it seemed at the final moment he and his allies would join us and fight the Mutts. Mulligan spoke of a web of deception and lies that he would weave with Abbadon to make the Mutts beleive they had their support.

Guri-ben-Kaal was slain across the battlefield by the foul magic of Pflaar before he had a chance to engage the enemy. With a great and mighty roar our brave warriors and voices charged Bytaxta’s walls that protected the old enemy. As battle was engaged the mighty roar of Thaddeus was heard as he swept through our warriors with his magical hammer. Mulligan and a hideous green creature named Sepheroth ravaged our warriors as the Mutts swept down upon the truest fruit of our people. By day’s end our warriors were dead, none survived.

And now we must survive, remember what happened, and seek our vengeance if not in this life then the next.

-Words of anguish from Kaalja, soothsayer of the Traldar of the Hutaakan Valley
The failure of Abaddon

I blame myself. I should have been more stern. I should have been more gentle.

We have come to this nightrealm, a splinter of an otherwordly reality created by the star elves. While I’m sure it is cursed no doubt, I find it a place of intense beauty.

This place… consists of a perpetual night, illuminated only by the shining light of 3 towers jutting out from the endless sea of waves below. We have come here seeking out someone named the Duskwalker. He is a servant of Devlin Feyslayer, a despicable elf who turned his genocidal intent upon his own kin.

The fey-slayer departed this realm long ago I suspect. He seems not dead; none the less I wear the fey-slayers armor, and wield his blades, having looted it from a profane tomb of his own making.

This … Nightrealm is a prison I think. Perhaps it has broken recently, or more likely it was opened by someone else. The portal to this place is one way. I hope we can find a way out, I do not wish to spend an eternity here, left with my own immortal thoughts. I suppose Sephiroth would be stuck here with me as well… a torture worse than eternal imprisonment… while I appreciate him as a friend, I am loathe to think what would happen when he turns his jibes on me, long after the minotaur dies of old age.

Some orcs had become trapped here, under the command of some shape shifter elf-hobgoblin thing. I would have loved to discourse with her. she seemed quite intelligent… Thaddius however in his usual brutish manner ended her life with enjoyment. In fact he ended a great many orcs lives with enjoyment…. I dont mind him killing them. They could have proved useful to me in the future, however I have learned that orcs are the enemies of Elven kind, the very beings that are sacred to my lord Illsundal. A Wasted resource none the less, they still needed to die to appease him.

I found a young half-elf girl imprisoned in the basement of a glass tower controled by these orcs. she was cocooned in a spider web on an alter. I freed her and healed her, and clothed her in something warmer. Duladora was her name. Such a sweet young girl, oh the thoughts of procreation bounded in my mind!

Unfortunately that Idiot Stephan had designs of his own…. Not once , but twice did he lead her from the front of the party, determined to show me up by ‘courageously battling evil’. when in fact all he was really doing was putting her in harms way.

While crossing a thin bridge, a giant crystal golem drew itself up, materializing from pieces of the bridge, and began battle with us. I was forced to stay at the front to fight it b/c Duladora was there. He took up precious space on that bridge… Space that Thaddius could have occupied. His actions nearly killed Duladora, and judging from the beating he took, nearly cost him his own as well.

Perhaps I should have let Thaddius throw him over the bridge. He certainly was in the right mind too. He even bludgeoned him within an inch of his life. One small nudge and he would have tumbled into the waves below (which I learned later are home to all manner of really big fish!)

I did not give him a stern enough rebuke. For he again led Duladora into a glass tower and total darkness. Now she lies dead, burned to death by a Fireball from some floating undead skull.

I have failed to protect Illsundals creations… it will not be the first time today.

At the bottom of this tower of darkness, we found a brain in a jar, protected by an undead four armed gorilla! I believe this to be the Duskwalker. I dont understand how he came to be this way, but he was utterly insane! He was not in the mood for conversation(Thaddius was again busy at work smashing it)...a pity too, he could have told us what became of Devlin Fay-Slayer. We also found an odd drinking horn make from a dragons tooth, and what we learned later to be a Key for getting out of this place.

We used this key to gain entrace to one of the Towers we couldnt enter before… And what we found was horrible!

Inside the tower we found more locked doors. doors that this key we found wouldnt open. We thought it might have had something to do with being a Star elf. After examining Duladora, I had decided she might have some of the ancient Star elf lineage within her, and as such this was the reason she had been imprisoned here. We left Thaddius to stand guard (due mainly in part to the incredible amount of effort it took to fit him through a small vertical shaft), and returned to retrieve the body of Duladora.

This mistake proved disastrous for Him. Someone had animated our fallen comrade, and Thaddius’ brother mithras! Mithras and his cohorts managed to subdue Thaddius, and lay an ambush for us upon our return.

An intense battled ensued, with us emerging the victor. The leader of this group of theirs was an elf named Errana. She managed to escape us using invisibility. Mithras was not so fortunate. When we laid him low, he burnt away to nothing , consumed in purple flames and screaming for his brother in agony!

And herein lies my second failure. It was clear now that someone had animated Mithras, or returned him to life under the control of someone else. The Mithras I knew was an upstanding individual, the very image of courtesy for a human, let alone a savage minotaur! This new mithras was a hate filled individual.

I should have realized the elf wizardess might have been enslaved in the same way. I tracked her down, all the way back to the outcropping of rock from where we gated to this existance. She no doubt intended for us to open the portal for her and escape through it. She jumped into the raging waters below, and I followed her.

All I can say was I was stunned to find a massive Orca whale waiting for us. and it immediately went to eating her! A hail of arrows from Sephiroth above was all that kept me alive. He rained death down onto the whale, and this elf Errana as well. I was finally able to subdue her with my magics and drag her back to the rock.

Afterwards we retrieved a stratcher from an embalming room in one of the many chambered towers, stripped her down, and tied her to it.

I must admit she had a fine body! and familiar to one I had seen before… She also had the mark of the iron ring tattooed upon her wrist.

Embedded in her back was a an iron ring as well. Our interrogation of her proved mostly fruitless. furthermore she revealed little of why the ring was there as well.

In a moment of lust to deliver pain and agony, I started to carve out the ring! Oh I toyed with her first, promising to consider not removing it if she told me what it was (or secretly if it represented a means of controlling her) It was as if torturing a person came naturally… I dread when I remember what I have lost. I fear the irredeemable evil that resides in my soul.

I know now why I do not remember my past… The only way to fight such evil is to deny it battle.

My cruelty ended another elven life today. She was tainted with evil, but perhaps if I had been able to control my subconscious, I would not have inflicted such pain upon her thereby saving her life. Instead I removed the ring, causing her to erupt in flames in much the same way Mithras had. I could have redeemed her. I am living proof there is always a chance for redemption in some form.

I should not have remembered my arcane might. I can feel my evil drenched memories eating away at me. If I had not remembered, I might not have remembered my desire to inflict pain as well.

Our return to our world was somber. We had ended the threat of the Duskwalker, but the cost was high. We have stained the realm of the star elves with more blood. Perhaps more than the Duskwalker was responsible for during his imprisonment there.

My gentle rebuke of Stephan resulted in the death of Duladora. My cruelty Resulted in the death of the slaver Errana.

Tidings of things to come

What I foretell you must forestall

When an immortal vixen consorts with an Emperor
When war consumes the world
When the Feyslayer stirs
And when wizards scream in desperate panic

The Iron Star shall rise

So far away, yet so near
Three great evils will herald this star’s ascension
The Wyrm that walks, The Doom of Pandius, and the Desert Evil
Thence shall fall the foulest weather
There shall crawl the deadliest beasts
And the lovers of the immortals shall feel there hearts grow cold

All the world shall be consumed in purple fire
There may be many enemies of iron, but
Nemesis is the Iron Star

- Words of prophesy, falsehood or misdirection uttered in the Athenaeum Arcanum at Tir’in’tiral, estimated date Flaurmont 990 AC.

Troubled Thoughts

The Lord of Trees has sent me visions. I see the Redlebb burning, I see our forest friends in flight, I see a darkness gathering. The old foe is returning and I know not what I can do. I fear a cataclysm for Rifllian.

The old stones of the Amberwood Grove exhibit a gathering darkness. The forest denizens have been disappearing, the ancient pathway has been turned to evil purposes. My Lord Ilsundal please aid us in our time of need.

- Visions and prayers of Narana, priestess of Ilsundal


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