Tag: Threshold


  • Halnock

    Born in Theshold the half-orc Halnock was born with a true heart. A mighty Paladin of Ixion he has lead many expeditions against the evil and chaotic beings of northern Karameikos. Halnock met he heroes at the southern end of the Firefoam river valley …

  • Norse

    Never a bolder gnome has stepped upon the mountains of the Black Peaks. Norse of the Shinedust clan is a sorcerer of great power. Until recently he was a member of the Northern Explorers, a lose affiliation of adventures who delved into the dark and …

  • Sorven

    A maker and seller of fine light blades in the town of Threshold. His two “assistants” Leaf Blossom and Alura help sell the goods using their feminine charms.