Fleeing his home of Cyncidea, out of the desert wastes, Dorn was captured by gnoll slavers and set for sacrifice before the Demon Prince Yeenoghu. Saved by the heroic efforts of Halnock, Stephen, and Abbadon with support from Thaddeus, Sepheroth, and Mad Muligan, Dorn was pulled from the sacrificial clutches of the Demon Lord.

Dorn took up the arms and armor of the recently slain Halnock, he was brave but badly shaken in a number of fearsome encounters in the high mountains, in one such experience he witnessed Sepheroth being torn apart and killed by deadly griffons.

Traveling with his new found companions he then entered the abyss cursed lost valley of the Mutt Men where he was captured or slain by a powerful demon whom the heroes were forced to flee from.


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