Born in Theshold the half-orc Halnock was born with a true heart. A mighty Paladin of Ixion he has lead many expeditions against the evil and chaotic beings of northern Karameikos.

Halnock met he heroes at the southern end of the Firefoam river valley as he and his companion Norse were strategically retreating from a hostile encounter with the Death Head Gnolls. Recruited by the heroes Halnock, despite being heavily injured, turned around and guided the heroes back into the valley. A long and bloody campaign ensued until finally the party reached the northern end of the river valley. It was here that a titanic battle occurred and the Gnolls summoned the Demon Prince Yeenogu. Desperate to save the Gnoll prisoners, Halnock was forced to confront Abaddon and prevent him from killing the prisoners, and through Halnock’s moral guidance, he cajoled Abbadon into a rescue attempt. Halnock died heroically in the attempt saving the lives of two innocents.

Halnock may be dead, but his spirit surely lives on in Mount Celestia.


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