Enemies of Iron

Travel to Selencia

and time inbetween

Nearly a year passed. The Enemies of Iron, Heroes of Karameikos, scourge of Gnolls hoard lead by none other than Yeenoghu, a demon lord of the Abyss ended the threat against Kelvin. Abaddon and Mulligan were made nobles, while Sephiroth and Thaddeus because of their beastly nature were rewarded with gold. They agreed to meet in 1 years time with their friend Ahiktos in Selencia.

Sephiroth, reveling in his new orcish, mortal body, finally took the time to enjoy himself. After a brief stint of shopping, set about to enjoying himself with reckless abandon.

Thaddeus however was coming to grips with his new Elven Form. brought low in the battle with Yeenoghu, the Minotaur was too large to be rescued by the Heroes. Abaddon had the best he could to rescue him, but was unable to drag him to safety. He was later eaten by the Gnoll hoard before they were routed. Using an ancient elven ritual recently learned from the druidess xxx, Abaddon reincarnated him as an elf, and converted him to the worship of Ilsundal. He went on to travel the lands of Karameikos seeking powerful spell casters spend all of his worldly wealth on fine shining armor, and magical baubles. When his money ran out, he traveled north to meet up with his companions in Selencia.

Mulligan, purchased any readily available magical bauble and armors he could find, then spent the rest of his time running wildly through the plains on his wolf, ‘Snaggle Tooth’.

Perhaps in a supreme gesture of goodwill against his diabolical nature, or a burning desire to unconsciously rebuild an empire he once possessed, Abaddon set about building his own kingdom in the valley of the hutaaka on behalf of the elves of Rifillian who’d been displaced by the Gnoll Hoard. Using his magic, he built a modest stone fortress, rebuilt the bridge to the valley, made the roads passable to the south. He then grew the copses of woods in the valley into a verdant forest.

Abaddon also built a small stone keep in Sukiskin, fortified its walls, and built a series of way stations from the remote settlement to Kelvin in honor of his former companion Stephan.

In the end, it was high time he join his companions in Selencia under the house of Ahiktos.


Gilgamesh achilles

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