Enemies of Iron

Tidings of things to come

What I foretell you must forestall

When an immortal vixen consorts with an Emperor
When war consumes the world
When the Feyslayer stirs
And when wizards scream in desperate panic

The Iron Star shall rise

So far away, yet so near
Three great evils will herald this star’s ascension
The Wyrm that walks, The Doom of Pandius, and the Desert Evil
Thence shall fall the foulest weather
There shall crawl the deadliest beasts
And the lovers of the immortals shall feel there hearts grow cold

All the world shall be consumed in purple fire
There may be many enemies of iron, but
Nemesis is the Iron Star

- Words of prophesy, falsehood or misdirection uttered in the Athenaeum Arcanum at Tir’in’tiral, estimated date Flaurmont 990 AC.


Gilgamesh Gilgamesh

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