Enemies of Iron

The Start of Empire

The valley of the Hutaaka no more.

I have seen many places suitable for my new home since my “rebirth”.

The petrified forest… Ideally located near a river pouring into the ocean, and along a major trade road on the boarder of karameikos. The ample supply of stone would give me an endless supply of raw materials from which to build a fortress of massive proportions. the stone trees are hidden in a vast forest. It is even close to my first friends on this world…

The Night realm… Located in an alternate plane of existance! accessible only at night through stone rings. 4 towers of glowing white glass, surrounded by endless seas, and under a cloudy night sky. secluded indeed! I have not managed to repair the magic leading to this realm… it provides keyless entry to the realm, but exit may be keyed… sort of like a prison. Time flows twice as fast there however. This is not ideal. as I suspect I am ageless however… this seems of little consequence. It is also located near to the remains of the elven settlement rifillian. Expansion could be limited, short of me importing large amounts of building materials to it.

The Lost valley of the Hutaaka… A large valley hidden in the mountains past the fire foam river, accessible only by magical key and grounds enough to hold a major metropolis, farmlands and wooded areas for timber to boot! Stone abounds in this region, and the indiginous peoples are broken, and dying out. Nobody knows of its location, aside from my travelling companions!

This… This is the site of my new stronghold. I will move the displaced elven people of Rifillian here. I will rebuild their wooded groves using my magic, I will fabricate soaring stone edifaces to protect them. I will teach them, give them knowledge, and shape them to my needs!


Gilgamesh achilles

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