Enemies of Iron

The failure of Abaddon

I blame myself. I should have been more stern. I should have been more gentle.

We have come to this nightrealm, a splinter of an otherwordly reality created by the star elves. While I’m sure it is cursed no doubt, I find it a place of intense beauty.

This place… consists of a perpetual night, illuminated only by the shining light of 3 towers jutting out from the endless sea of waves below. We have come here seeking out someone named the Duskwalker. He is a servant of Devlin Feyslayer, a despicable elf who turned his genocidal intent upon his own kin.

The fey-slayer departed this realm long ago I suspect. He seems not dead; none the less I wear the fey-slayers armor, and wield his blades, having looted it from a profane tomb of his own making.

This … Nightrealm is a prison I think. Perhaps it has broken recently, or more likely it was opened by someone else. The portal to this place is one way. I hope we can find a way out, I do not wish to spend an eternity here, left with my own immortal thoughts. I suppose Sephiroth would be stuck here with me as well… a torture worse than eternal imprisonment… while I appreciate him as a friend, I am loathe to think what would happen when he turns his jibes on me, long after the minotaur dies of old age.

Some orcs had become trapped here, under the command of some shape shifter elf-hobgoblin thing. I would have loved to discourse with her. she seemed quite intelligent… Thaddius however in his usual brutish manner ended her life with enjoyment. In fact he ended a great many orcs lives with enjoyment…. I dont mind him killing them. They could have proved useful to me in the future, however I have learned that orcs are the enemies of Elven kind, the very beings that are sacred to my lord Illsundal. A Wasted resource none the less, they still needed to die to appease him.

I found a young half-elf girl imprisoned in the basement of a glass tower controled by these orcs. she was cocooned in a spider web on an alter. I freed her and healed her, and clothed her in something warmer. Duladora was her name. Such a sweet young girl, oh the thoughts of procreation bounded in my mind!

Unfortunately that Idiot Stephan had designs of his own…. Not once , but twice did he lead her from the front of the party, determined to show me up by ‘courageously battling evil’. when in fact all he was really doing was putting her in harms way.

While crossing a thin bridge, a giant crystal golem drew itself up, materializing from pieces of the bridge, and began battle with us. I was forced to stay at the front to fight it b/c Duladora was there. He took up precious space on that bridge… Space that Thaddius could have occupied. His actions nearly killed Duladora, and judging from the beating he took, nearly cost him his own as well.

Perhaps I should have let Thaddius throw him over the bridge. He certainly was in the right mind too. He even bludgeoned him within an inch of his life. One small nudge and he would have tumbled into the waves below (which I learned later are home to all manner of really big fish!)

I did not give him a stern enough rebuke. For he again led Duladora into a glass tower and total darkness. Now she lies dead, burned to death by a Fireball from some floating undead skull.

I have failed to protect Illsundals creations… it will not be the first time today.

At the bottom of this tower of darkness, we found a brain in a jar, protected by an undead four armed gorilla! I believe this to be the Duskwalker. I dont understand how he came to be this way, but he was utterly insane! He was not in the mood for conversation(Thaddius was again busy at work smashing it)...a pity too, he could have told us what became of Devlin Fay-Slayer. We also found an odd drinking horn make from a dragons tooth, and what we learned later to be a Key for getting out of this place.

We used this key to gain entrace to one of the Towers we couldnt enter before… And what we found was horrible!

Inside the tower we found more locked doors. doors that this key we found wouldnt open. We thought it might have had something to do with being a Star elf. After examining Duladora, I had decided she might have some of the ancient Star elf lineage within her, and as such this was the reason she had been imprisoned here. We left Thaddius to stand guard (due mainly in part to the incredible amount of effort it took to fit him through a small vertical shaft), and returned to retrieve the body of Duladora.

This mistake proved disastrous for Him. Someone had animated our fallen comrade, and Thaddius’ brother mithras! Mithras and his cohorts managed to subdue Thaddius, and lay an ambush for us upon our return.

An intense battled ensued, with us emerging the victor. The leader of this group of theirs was an elf named Errana. She managed to escape us using invisibility. Mithras was not so fortunate. When we laid him low, he burnt away to nothing , consumed in purple flames and screaming for his brother in agony!

And herein lies my second failure. It was clear now that someone had animated Mithras, or returned him to life under the control of someone else. The Mithras I knew was an upstanding individual, the very image of courtesy for a human, let alone a savage minotaur! This new mithras was a hate filled individual.

I should have realized the elf wizardess might have been enslaved in the same way. I tracked her down, all the way back to the outcropping of rock from where we gated to this existance. She no doubt intended for us to open the portal for her and escape through it. She jumped into the raging waters below, and I followed her.

All I can say was I was stunned to find a massive Orca whale waiting for us. and it immediately went to eating her! A hail of arrows from Sephiroth above was all that kept me alive. He rained death down onto the whale, and this elf Errana as well. I was finally able to subdue her with my magics and drag her back to the rock.

Afterwards we retrieved a stratcher from an embalming room in one of the many chambered towers, stripped her down, and tied her to it.

I must admit she had a fine body! and familiar to one I had seen before… She also had the mark of the iron ring tattooed upon her wrist.

Embedded in her back was a an iron ring as well. Our interrogation of her proved mostly fruitless. furthermore she revealed little of why the ring was there as well.

In a moment of lust to deliver pain and agony, I started to carve out the ring! Oh I toyed with her first, promising to consider not removing it if she told me what it was (or secretly if it represented a means of controlling her) It was as if torturing a person came naturally… I dread when I remember what I have lost. I fear the irredeemable evil that resides in my soul.

I know now why I do not remember my past… The only way to fight such evil is to deny it battle.

My cruelty ended another elven life today. She was tainted with evil, but perhaps if I had been able to control my subconscious, I would not have inflicted such pain upon her thereby saving her life. Instead I removed the ring, causing her to erupt in flames in much the same way Mithras had. I could have redeemed her. I am living proof there is always a chance for redemption in some form.

I should not have remembered my arcane might. I can feel my evil drenched memories eating away at me. If I had not remembered, I might not have remembered my desire to inflict pain as well.

Our return to our world was somber. We had ended the threat of the Duskwalker, but the cost was high. We have stained the realm of the star elves with more blood. Perhaps more than the Duskwalker was responsible for during his imprisonment there.

My gentle rebuke of Stephan resulted in the death of Duladora. My cruelty Resulted in the death of the slaver Errana.


Gilgamesh Gilgamesh

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